Site of mRNA synthesis in lampbrush chromosomes is


Balbiani rings


Lateral loops


Dark bands


Light bands

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Correct option is B)

Site of mRNA synthesis in lampbrush chromosomes is lateral loops. Lampbrush chromosomes are a special form of chromosome found in the growing oocytes. Chromosomes transform into the lampbrush form during the diplotene stage of meiotic prophase I due to an active transcription of many genes. They are highly extended meiotic half-bivalents, each consisting of 2 sister chromatids. A given loop always contains the same DNA sequence, and it remains extended in the same manner as the oocytes grows.These chromosomes are producing large amounts of RNA for the oocyte, and most of the genes present in the DNA loops are being actively expressed. Each lateral loop contains one or several transcription units with polarized RNP-matrix coating the DNA axis of the loop. The majority of the DNA, however, is not in loops but remains highly condensed in the chromomeres on the axis, where genes are generally not expressed.

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