SrCharactersPlant group IPlant group IIPlant group IIIPlant group IV
 3.Presence of vascular tissueNoYesYesNo
 4.Flower producedNoNoYesNo
Shirin had been on a holiday to Ooty. In her school, she has studied the interesting world of plants. On the day of her return, she collected four groups of plants I, II, III, and IV. She carefully noted some of their details and arranged the information in the form of a table as given below. She asked her teacher how to identify which group is of pteridophytes. Take a look at the data and suggest which of the groups could be of Pteridophytes and why?


Plant group I


Plant group II


Plant group III


Plant group IV

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Correct option is B)

  • The pteridophytes are the terrestrial vascular plants which have body differentiated into roots, stem, and leaves. 
  • These are the first plants to have vascular tissues. 
  • The plants possess chlorophyll pigments, which help to perform photosynthesis and so they are autotrophic. 
  • These plants reproduce through spores as they don't have flowers.
Thus, the correct answer is option B. 

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