State whether the following statements are True or False:

i) If wind flows from land to the ocean, then it is daytime.

ii) A very high-pressure system, with very high-speed wind surrounding it forms a cyclone.

iii) The coastline of India is not vulnerable to cyclones. 

iv) Warm air is lighter than cool air.



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(i). False.

If wind flows from ocean to the land then it is daytime and is called sea breeze, because in daytime the land gets heated and the air above it expands and rises up, and there is the formation of low pressure are above it. (If wind flows from ocean to land then it is daytime and in the opposite condition it is night time.)

(ii). False.

A cyclone is a natural disaster caused by the warming of air by water vapors through ocean and revolving of high-speed winds around a low-pressure area.(not a high-pressure area)

(iii). False.

The coastlines of India are highly vulnerable to cyclones and also the east coast is more vulnerable to cyclones with high speed and with a high number of cyclones.

The two cyclones in Odisha are an example of the vulnerability of cyclones to India. (The east coast is more likely to welcome cyclones.)

(iv). True.

As we know that warm air expands and has low pressure and hence it has the same mass but expanded volume or space, hence it rises up and is said that it is lighter than cool air.

For example – the sea breeze and land breeze system prove the fact.

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