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suitable prepositions: w mal in the blank 1 The strang he stranger knocked Suddenly he jumped. ... the door ... the pool. 4. Sudden He was standing reached the station... We reached the He sat He presided The people have b & There is a bus stop ----the pillar ......... Harry and Manas. time. ... the meeting. le have been waiting at the station ............ the end of the road. ........ Mumbai. ............ an hour. 6 o'clock. He used to live........ We will finish our will finish our homework ..... hoy has been missing . .......... Sunday


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Choose the best answer from (A), (B), (C) and (D), to complete the sentence:

I asked my friend where ________ her mobile phone.

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Complete the sentence using the correct form of the verb:

A: 'Shall I buy this book for Tim?' 
B: 'You'd better not. He might already _______ it.'

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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate option:
Our suitcases ___________ examined before anybody said anything.

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She __(2)__ by a neighbour for ransom.

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Read the situation & complete the statement:
I had arranged to meet Tom in a restaurant. I arrived and waited for him. After twenty minutes I suddenly realised that I was in the wrong restaurant. I ............. for twenty minutes when I ...........

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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate option.
He thanked me for what I ___.

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Fill in the blank with the appropriate past perfect tense:

When I arrived at the cinema, the film _______. (start)

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