Suppose you are in a car and it is raining heavily with thunderstorms. Then what is the best way to protect yourself from a possible thunder storm fall?


Remain in the car


Get out of the car and take cover under the car


Run to a nearby tree


Get out and stand under an electric pole

Updated on : 2022-09-05
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Correct option is A)

Answer is option(A).

The lightning charge goes around the outside of the vehicle, creating a Faraday effect and protecting the occupants inside. However the occupant should not touch the interior metallic areas on a vehicle,

The car provides protection from lightning, as the metal frame directs lightning currents to the ground, but vehicle can be damaged. Lightning damage to a car includes pitting, arcing and burning along with electrical system issues.

Rubber tires being insulator keep it from being grounded, which lessens the possibility that your car would get striked.

If your car had anything metal making direct contact with the earth, it would be more grounded, the more contact the more grounded.

Hence it is better to remain in car during thunderstorm fall.

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