The author of Passage 2 would most likely respond to the discussion of the future of spaced mining in lines 18-28, Passage 1, by claiming that such a future


Is inconsistent with the sustainable use of space resources


Will be difficult to bring about in the absence of regulations


Cannot be attained without technologies that do not yet exist


Seems certain to affect Earth's economy in a negative way



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Correct option is B)

Option B is the correct option as in the passage 2 author says that the miners start firing up their rockets, we should pause and think. Space mining seems to sidestep most environmental concerns. He said its consequences both here on Earth and in space-merit careful consideration.
And in passage 2 it is all about said the space mining. How it can be beneficial in all aspects.
So for bringing space mining successful we should consider some rules and regulations to be followed
Hence the correct answer is B                

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