The author of the passage would be most likely to agree with which of the following statements about the simulation of organ functions?


An artificial device that achieves the functions of the stomach could be considered a valid model of the stomach


Computer simulations of the brain are best used to crack the brain's codes of meaning and content


Computer simulations of the brain challenge ideas that are fundamental to psychology and neuroscience


Because the brain and the stomach both act as processors, they can best be simulated by mechanical devices


The computer's limitations in simulating digestion suggest equal limitations in computer simulated thinking

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Correct option is A)

To answer this question, think about how the author would respond to each statement. Anticipating the author's response depends on understanding the author's point of view. In this passage, the author is arguing against Searle's view of the brain and in favor of the brain as information processor. The author believes that the computer can be a model of the brain and uses the example of the mechanical stomach to support his position on simulations.
A Correct. The first two sentences of the third paragraph imply that a mechanical device is a valid model.
B The author believes a computer can simulate the brain but does not comment on how these simulations should be used. There is no way to predict the author's reaction to this statement.
C The author would reject this statement since neuroscience and psychology do in fact see the brain as an information processor.
D The author agrees that both the brain and the stomach act as processors; believes that the computer, a non mechanical device, can simulate the brain; and offers a way that a mechanical device could simulate the stomach. The author does not suggest that mechanical devices are the best way to simulate both their processes.
E This statement reflects Searle's viewpoint, which the author rejects.
The correct answer is A.

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