The diagram below shows a wire carrying current towards the top off the page. A positively charged particle is shown moving directly toward the left side of the page at a particular instant.
What is the direction of the force on the positively charged particle at the instant shown, due to the magnetic field produced by the current in the wire?

towards the top of the page
towards the bottom of the page
into the page
out of the page
towards the right side of the page
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The direction of magnetic field lines in the region left to the current carrying wire where the positive charge is moving will be perpendicularly inward the page according to the right thumb rule .
The direction of movement of positive charge can be taken the direction of current . As the positive charge is moving toward left therefore it will be the direction of current , and magnetic field is perpendicular inward the paper so according to Fleming's left hand rule , force on positive charge will be toward the bottom of the page .

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