The main function of lacteal in the human small intestine is the absorption of:

Glucose and vitamins
Amino acids and glucose
Water and vitamins
Fatty acids and glycerol
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Lacteals are lymph vessels responsible for absorbing fat in the small intestine. Occurring in the finger-like villi of the ileum, lacteals have a milky appearance and drain into the lymphatic system. Before fat can pass into the lacteal, bile from the liver causes its emulsification into small droplets for action of the enzyme lipase.

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Read the following statements regarding absorption of fats in small intestine and select the incorrect option(s).

I. Absorption takes place through the mucosal lining of the small intestine, and when these products pass through the mucosa, they enter the epithelial cells.

II. Triglycerides are the major form of fat stored by the body. Triglycerides are coated by proteins to form chylomicrons.

III. The lacteals are found in the fingerlike projections of the intestinal wall, called the villi.

IV. Absorption of glucose, amino acids and fatty acids follow a similar path.

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Absorption of glucose and amino acids is a simple process. It is mostly carried out by the villi of small Intestine; In reference to the process, choose the correct (option) path.

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The main function of lacteals in the villi of human small intestine is the absorption of:

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One of the main function of lymphatic system is absorption of fatty acids and ___

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