The main purpose of the fifth paragraph (lines 71427- 84915) is to-


Summarize the results of an experiment that confirmed the authors hypothesis about the role of clover in the diets of wild-type honeybees.


Propose an experiment to investigate how different diets affect commercial honeybee colonies susceptibility to mite infestations.


Provide a comparative nutritional analysis of the honey produced by the experimental colonies and by the control colonies.


Predict the most likely outcome of an unfinished experiment summarized in the third and fourth paragraph (lines 33107- 68199).

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Correct option is B)

It is in the fourth paragraph that the authors propose a trial to study if honeybees’ in-take of Pyrethrum producing plants helps the honeybees defend against mite infestations. In the experiment, the authors offer honey bee colonies both Pyrethrum producing plants and "a typical bee food source such as clover" to determine if these different diets affect the bees’ susceptibility to mite infestations. In this context only option B fits. So, B is the answer.

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