The  main purpose  of  the passage  is  to __________.


Emphasize the cruelty of slavery.


Refute the idea that education and slavery are incompatible.


Offer historical background to provide context for positions Douglass later espoused


Describe the risks Douglass willingly took to learn to read.

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Correct option is D)

The very first sentence of the passage reveals that one of the central ideas of the passage is going to be about Douglass and how he learnt to read and write- "His mistress had been severely reprimanded by her husband for helping Frederick Douglass learn to read." The following extract from the passage further relates to us that now that Douglas knew the English alphabet, he was not going to stop reading -"The first step had been taken. Mistress, in teaching me the alphabet, had given me the inch, and no precaution could

prevent me from taking the ell." The passage goes on to describe the risks that Douglas was willing to take to read. D best befits the context. A, B, C are incorrect as they make statements that are not central to the passage. 

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