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The right to seek the enforcement of all Fundamental Rights is called _____.
  1. Right to Freedom
  2. Right to Constitutional Remedies
  3. Right against Exploitation
  4. Cultural and Educational Rights

Right to Freedom
Cultural and Educational Rights
Right to Constitutional Remedies
Right against Exploitation
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The Right to Constitutional Remedies makes other rights effective. It is possible that sometimes our rights may be violated by fellow citizens, private bodies or by the government. When any of our rights are violated we can seek remedy through courts. If it is a Fundamental Right we can directly approach the Supreme Court or the High Court of a state. That is why Dr. Ambedkar called the Right to Constitutional Remedies, ‘the heart and soul’ of our Constitution.

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The right to seek the enforcement of all Fundamental Rights is called _____.
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Which of the following statements are correct about constitutional remedies?
1. Right to constitutional remedies has been described by Nehru as ‘heart and soul of the constitution’.
2. Right to constitutional remedies offers a citizen the right to approach judiciary to get any of the fundamental rights restored in case of their violation.
3. The courts can issue writs to enforce fundamental rights.
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