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The tracheae of cockroach are ......... type










  • In the holopneustic trachea, there are 10 pairs of spiracles with 1 mesothoracic, 1 metathoracic and 8 abdominal spiracles. They are majorly found in bibinoid larvae, grasshoppers, and cockroaches.
  • In the hemipneustic trachea, there are 8 pairs of spiracles with 1 mesothoracic and 7 abdominal. They are found in mycetophilid larvae.
  • In the apneustic trachea, there are no functional spiracles, that is, the tracheal system does not open to the outside. They are found in chironomid larvae, mosquitoes and mayflies.
  • In the perineustic trachea, there are 9 pairs of spiracles with 1 mesothoracic and 8 abdominal. They are found in cecidomyid larvae and caterpillars.
So, the correct answer is 'Holopneustic'.

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