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Types of combustion are:


rapid, cracking and dazzling


spontaneous, rapid and explosive


explosive, dazzling and glowing


spontaneous and rapid


Types of combustionCombustion is mainly of three types

(1) Rapid combustion (2) Spontaneous combustion (3) Explosion

1.   Rapid combustion: The combustion in which the gas burns rapidly and produces heat and light is called rapid combustion.         

For example: When a burning matchstick is brought near a gas burner and the gas tap is opened, the gas immediately starts burning with the production of heat and light. Eg. Petrol, LPG, spirit, etc.,

2.   Spontaneous combustion: The combustion in which no external heat is given is known as spontaneous combustion.         

For example: Burning of white phosphorus in air.

3.   Explosion: The combustion in which large amount of gases are evolved with the production of a tremendous amount of neat; light and sound is called explosion,         

For example: When a cracker is ignited, a sudden reaction, oxidation process takes place, and in which at high speed large amount of gas is evolved with the production of tremendous amount of heat, light and sound.

Hence, the correct option is

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