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Unit of equilibrium constant is:





all of the above


Let us suppose the equation reaction :-

Unit ofΒ 

no. of moles of (products - reactants)

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1 mole of nitrogen and 3 moles of are placed in 100lit vessel heated to . The equilibrium pressure is 2.05 atm. Assuming ideal behaviour, calculate the degree of dissociation for and for the reaction,

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For an equilibrium change involving gaseous phase, the forward reaction is first order while the reverse reaction is second order. The unit of for the forward equilibrium is :

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If are equilibrium constant for formation of , respectively as follows , . Then equilibrium constant 'K' for is related as:

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For the homogeneous reaction,
Β  Β  Β 

The equilibrium constant has the units:

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What are the units of equilibrium constant () for the following reaction?

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If for the formation of ammonia is 2 for the decomposition of ammonia is:

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The unit of equilibrium constant for the following reaction is:

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