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Use appropriate form of verb:
She ____ (visit) her Japanese relatives once in 1993 before she ____ (move) in with them in 1996.


has visited ; move


had visited ; moved


had been visiting ; is moving


is visiting ; is moving


The given sentence states a past action 'to visit' before another action took place in the past 'moved in in 1996'.
Option B: 'Had visited' is in past perfect tense. It states a past action that completed before another past action 'moved' took place. It relates to the given sentence and hence option B is correct.
Option A: 'Has visited' is in present perfect tense and states an action just completed. 'Move' is a simple present verb and states a habit or a general truth. Both are irrelevant, as the sentence states actions from before 1996.
Option C: 'Had been visiting' is in past perfect continuous tense and 'is moving' is in present continuous tense. The actions in the given sentence are in the past.
Option D: Both 'is visiting' and 'is moving' are continuous tense forms in the present.
Hence options A, C and D are wrong.

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