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Vapour pressure of chloroform and dichloromethane at are 200 mm Hg and 415 mm Hg respectively. Vapour pressure of the solution obtained by mixing 25.5 g of and 40 g of at the same temperature will be:

[Molecular mass of and molecular mass of ]


615.0 mm Hg


347.9 mm Hg


285.5 mm Hg


173.9 mm Hg


Molar mass of g mol

Molar mass of g mol

Moles of = 40 g /85 g mol = 0.47 mol

Moles of = 25.5 g /119.5 g mol = 0.213 mol

Total number of moles mol

Mole fraction of component 2

Mole fraction of component 1

We know that:

mm Hg

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