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"We can't imagine the world without insects and birds". Suggest two methods to conserve them.


Methods of conservation for Birds:
  • Captive breeding, or ex-situ conservation, has been used in a number of instances to save species from extinction. The principle is to create a viable population of a species in either zoos or breeding facilities, for later reintroduction back into the wild.
  • As the loss and destruction of habitat is the most serious threat facing many bird species, conservation organizations, and government agencies tasked with protecting birds work to protect areas of natural habitat. This can be achieved through purchasing land of conservation importance, setting aside land or gazetting it as a national park or other protected areas, and passing legislation preventing landowners from undertaking damaging land use practices or paying them not to undertake those activities.

Methods of conservation for Insects:
  • The key to insect conservation is to protect and - where necessary - to enhance or create habitats throughout the landscape so that even the least mobile species can find somewhere to live when conditions become locally unsuitable.
  • Harm from pesticides can be reduced by using methods such as integrated control, in which different methods are combined so as to minimize or eliminate the dosage. If pesticides have to be applied, they should be kept away from hedgerows, watercourses and other non-target habitats.

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