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We use over when one thing is very delete or covering age He put nets utlet the plants. ASSIGNMENT DE Bin the blanks with suitable prepositions The stranger looked at the door 2. Suddenly he himped the pook 3. He was standing on the pillar 4. We reached the station Wine 5. He sat Harry and Man He presided the meeting The people have been waiting at the station the end of the made 8. There is a bus stop Mumbai 9. He used to live tenses th the


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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.
It ____ me a long time to realize she had deceived me.

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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.
His parents __________ married for eight years when he was born.

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Complete the sentence with the best possible form of the words given in the bracket.

I __________ (not have) my lunch when the taxi arrived. The taxi had to wait.

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The given statement has some error. From the given options, which is the correct way of writing the given sentence?

He retired to bed before we reached there.

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Put the verb into the correct form:
Ken got to the station in time to catch his train. If _______ (he/miss) it, _______ (he/be) late for his interview.

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Fill in the blank with the correct past perfect form of the verb:
Ajay won the match although he _______ tennis before.

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