What are the main characteristics of the hot weather season in India?



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India experiences the hot weather season from the month of March to May.

During this season, there is apparent Northward movement of the sun.

The hot weather season has the following characteristics:

(i) There is overall increase in temperature e.g. the temperature of Northern plains is between 42 to 45°C and in the Deccan plateau between 35 to 38°C.

(ii) An elongated low-pressure area develops from Thar Desert (in North-West) to Patna and Chotanagpur plateau (in East and South-East) towards the end of May. From this low-pressure belt, the circulation of air begins.

(iii) In the Northern and^North-Westem plain, there is occurrence of‘Loo’- strong, hot, dry wind.

(iv) In the Northern India, there is common occurrence of dust storm in May.

(v) There is also occurrence of localised thunderstorms associated with violent winds, torrential downpours, often accompanied by hailstorm at some places (e.g. West Bengal).

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