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What are the objectives of tourism?

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Some of the objectives of tourism are:
1. Tourism promotes economic development-
Tourism development helps the Indian economy in a great way. Restaurants, shops, transportation systems, recreational places, etc. develop because of tourism and directly contribute to the economy. Also, basic infrastructure improves and employment is generated which is advantageous to the economy indirectly. Tourism plays an important role in economic development.
Therefore, it is said that tourism is an invisible trade.
2. Tourism and environmental development :
Tourism is good for environmental development. To develop natural locations, sanctuaries, national parks, etc. economic investment is made by the government for the sake of tourism industry. Because of eco-friendly tourism concept, tourist places can be developed while caring for the environment. Factors like housing, resorts, traffic routes, etc. are also designed in an eco-friendly manner. In this type of developmental process, electricity, water are used very judiciously. The concept of recycle and reuse is also applied. Natural environment is maintained and tourism is developed too.
3. Tourism and health :
Some tourists visit India to avail the health facilities. Visiting the places of tourist interest and achieving mental peace and physical strength through Indian Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayam, etc. is the objective behind it.
The medicinal and surgical treatment in Indian hospitals are cost-effective and therefore, many patients from various developing countries come here for treatment. Medical Tourism develops from the facilities required by these tourists.
4. Tourism and social development :
Some specific social programmes can be accomplished through tourism. If facets like rural lifestyle, tribal life and culture are included in tourism, tourism gets a social dimension and the neglected components of the society can be included in development. The tribal life in Melghat of Maharashtra and visit to model villages like Anandwan project of the social activist Baba Amte, Ralegansiddhi, Hiwre Bazaar, etc. creates social consciousness and gives a flip to development there.

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