What is Jhum cultivation? Where is it followed in India?

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  • The agriculture in North-East states mainly focuses on Jhum cultivation. It involves cleaning a particular portion of jungle by cutting off the trees and burning them and then sowing seeds in those clear areas with the help of a poker. Jhuming cultivation is practiced in after a certain lapse of years and the process is popularly known as Jhum cycle. 
  • Jhuming is not only about cleaning the particular patch of forest but it revolves around a number of other agricultural activities as well. This agricultural activity demands weeding for about 4 times at the least, observing the area and protecting the growing plants from wild animals and birds, and then finally cultivating a scanty amount of various crops. This farming of crops which demands such a huge amount of continuous labor do not really help the inhabitants much as the amount is very less to suffice the population.

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