What is spermatogenesis? Briefly describe the process of spermatogenesis.



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Spermatogenesis is the process of the production of sperms from the immature male germ cells. It starts at puberty and usually continues uninterrupted until death, although a slight decrease in the quantity of sperm is seen with the increase in age.
Process of Spermatogenesis:
  • The spermatogonia (2N) present at the inner side of the seminiferous tubules multiply by mitotic divisions and increase in number.
  • They stop undergoing mitosis, grow and become primary spermatocytes (2N). Each primary spermatocyte undergoes meiosis to form two equal haploid secondary spermatocytes (N).
  • Each secondary spermatocyte then undergoes a second meiotic division to form four equal haploid cells called spermatids (N).
  • Spermatids receive nourishment to form sperms by the process called spermiogenesis.

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