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When is air said to be polluted?


Air is called polluted when the pollutantsĀ  present in air that contaminate the quality of air are known as ā€œAir pollutantsā€; such as smoke from forest fires, cigarettes, factories, dust, etc. Majority of the air pollution occurs due to the use of energy and production by factories. Additionally, there are fossil fuels that are being burnt that release harmful gases and chemicals into the air.

Air pollutants

One of the main pollutant participating in the causes of air pollution is Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is making earth warmer adding to global warming and causing a major change in the climate and even though living beings emit this gas while breathing, CO2 is also a gas if released in excess is considered to be life-threatening. Anyways in the past decade, enough carbon dioxide has already been pumped into the atmosphere to increase its levels more than they have been in the earliest of centuries.

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