Which of the following statements about the Nayanars (worshipers of Shiva) and Alvars (worshipers of Vishnu) of South India is not correct?


They believed in austerities


They looked upon religion as a living bond based on the love between the God and the worshipper


They spoke and wrote the language which everyone could understand


They disregarded the inequalities of caste



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Correct option is A)

The Nayanars and Alvars movement began in South India between the 7th and 10th centuries AD. Nayanars and Alvars of South India believed in Bhakti i.e. devotion to the God with concepts like love and compassion in religion. People joined this newly created movement irrespective of the caste they belonged to and even women participated in the movements. They were against extreme practices and hence, did not accept the concept of austerities. 

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