Which of the following statements is/are correct?

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The bleaching action of chlorine is due to oxidation and so permanent, while the bleaching action of sulphurdioxide is due to reduction and so temporary.


cannot be prepared by heating an ionic iodide with conc. , but can be prepared by the same way.


The oxidising power of halogens follow the order : .


On reaction of with water, no redox change takes place.



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Correct options are A) and B)

It is permanent because here Chlorine gives bleach via oxidation atmosphere is also oxidizing. so it cannot be reversed.
Bleaching action of is due to reduction.
In this, reacts with water to form Sulphuric acid and nascent Hydrogen.
This nascent hydrogen reacts with Colour to give Colourless Product.

In this oxygen ie removed due to nascent hydrogen which makes the compound so colourless.
Since the atmosphere is oxidizing, the oxygen from the atmosphere takes place of there removed oxygen and slowly regains colour
hence it is temporary.
Hence A is correct.
- is an oxidising agent, when ionic iodide reacts with Conc , It will cause I to oxidise into instead of forming .This is because is a strong reducing agent and it will reduce to
Whereas can be prepared in the same way because it is slightly less acidic than .

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