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Which one is wrongly matched?
  1. Gemma cups - Marchantia
  2. Uniflagellate gametes - Polysiphonia
  3. Unicellular organism - Chlorella
  4. Biflagellate zoospores - Brown algae

Unicellular organism - Chlorella
Biflagellate zoospores - Brown algae
Gemma cups - Marchantia
Uniflagellate gametes - Polysiphonia
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(a) Gemma cups are the green, multicellular, asexual bud present in the thallus helps in asexual reproduction in Marchantia.
(b) Polysiphonia is a red algae. They do not possess uniflagellate gametes and sexually reproduces by non-motile gametes.
(c) Chlorella is the unicellular algae and belongs to Chlorophyceae.
(d) Biflagellate zoospores are the pear-shaped structure with two unequal laterally attached flagella. It helps in asexual reproduction in brown algae. Thus, the correct answer is option B.

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