Which one of the following is correct sequence to make a transgenic animal?


Transomics ---> Transfection ---> Microinjection ---> Electroporation ---> Retroviral vectors


Microinjection ---> Transfection ---> Electroporation ---> Retroviral vectors ---> Transomics


Transfection ---> Microinjection ---> Transomics ---> Electroporation ---> Retroviral vector


Microinjection ---> Retroviral vector ---> Transfection ---> Electroporation ---> Tansomics



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Correct option is

Microinjection ---> Transfection ---> Electroporation ---> Retroviral vectors ---> Transomics

A technique which is used to inject genetic material with the help of micropipette into the nucleus of a fertilized oocyte is called as pronuclear injection or micro-infection. This technique is used to develop transgenic animal. But when the genetic material is deliberately introducing nucleic acids into cells with the help of plasmid is called as transfection. In electroporation, cells are subjected to a brief electric shock of several thousand volts become transiently permeable to DNA. The shock briefly opens holes in the cell membrane allowing the DNA to enter the cells before the holes reseal. A retrovirus is a virus that carries its genetic material in the form of RNA rather than DNA. Retroviruses are used as vectors to transfer genetic material into the host cell. Transomic is the sequencing of nucleic acid or protein with the help of information technology. This is the most advanced form of insertion of DNA sequence from one strand to another strand of the desired cell. Thus, the correct answer is option B.

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