Which one of the following is not a right under the Right to Equality?


Everybody has the right to seek public service


No discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, race or sex


No one can be denied admission to public places


Right to assemble peacefully

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Correct option is D)

Article 14-18 of the Indian constitution provide the right to equality to the people. Under these rights, it is described that :-
(1) No one can be discriminated on basis of their caste, sex, religion, race etc. (2) Everyone has an equal right to access public places and public services. 
(3) Everyone is equal before Law. 
(4)Untouchability is prohibited
Article 19-22 deals with the right to freedom. Under these rights everyone has  :
(1) Freedom of speech and expression.
(2)  Freedom to assemble peacefully and without arms.
(3) Freedom to form associations and unions.
(4) Freedom to move freely throughout the territory of India.
(5) Freedom to reside and settle in any part of India 
(6) Freedom to practise any profession or to carry on any occupation, trade or business.

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