Which statement/s is/are not correct regarding the Fundamental Rights?
I. Some of these rights are not available to the Armed Forces.
II. They are automatically suspended when any emergency is proclaimed by the President.
III. The President alone can decide upon modifying their application to the Armed Forces.
IV. They cannot be amended as they form a basic feature of the Constitution


I and II


II, III and IV


I and IV


I, II, III and IV

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Correct option is B)

The Fundamental rights can be suspended during National emergency except Article 20(right against conviction and self-incrimination) and Article 21(Right to life) while Article 19 can only be suspended on the ground of war and external aggression. 
The application of these rights to armed forces can only be restricted by the Parliament.
The Fundamental Rights are not permanent they can be amended by Parliament without affecting 'Basic Structure' of the Constitution. 
Hence, statements II, III, and IV are not correct regarding Fundamental Rights.

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