Why did kings destroy temples when they attacked each one another's kingdoms?


A destroyed temple was the symbol of a king's loss of power and wealth


To get access to the valuable and prized artefacts


To gain credit as a powerful personality


All of the above



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Correct option is

All of the above

Temples were destroyed by invading rulers as they were a symbol of the power, prestige and wealth of a king. The king was viewed as a representative of God. They were also a large store of treasure and riches. Thus, temples were viewed as targets that were to be attacked in the course of battles.
In the early ninth century, when the Pandyan king Shrimara Shrivallabha invaded Sri Lanka and defeated the king, he removed all the valuables like The statue of the Buddha made entirely of gold in the Jewel Palace and the golden images in the various monasteries.

Sultan Mahmud was not a very important ruler at that time. But by destroying temples he tried to gain credit as a great hero.

Most rulers displayed their political, might and military success by attacking and looting the places of worship of the defeated rulers.

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