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World Conservation Monitoring Centre, a biodiversity information and assessment arm of the United Nations Environment Programme is located at?




New York






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The places meant for conservation of biodiversity in their nature habitat are
(i) Zoological garden
(ii) Botanical garden
(iii) Sanctuary
(iv) National park.

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Name the national park famous for lion and rhinoceros.

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Bori Wildlife Sanctuary is located in..........

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These days in India, lion is found in

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A zoo serves the same purpose as a wildlife sanctuary. Do you agree ? Give reasons for your answer.

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Gir Lion Sanctuary Project was started in the year 

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What parameters are used for tiger census in our country's national parks sanctuaries?

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The Siberian crane from Russia is a regular visitor to the bird sanctuary in which place in India? 

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Assertion : Pitti island of Lakshadweep is a sanctuary.

Reason : Lions are protected in Pitti island.

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Which national park is the new home of the Indian horned rhinoceros?

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