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Write a diary entry in 80-100 words about how you enjoyed the celebration of your birthday last week when several friends and relatives made the occasion lively and worth living.

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A Surprise Birthday Party

January 17, 2021

Susan’s drawing room

Dear Diary,

Last week I had the best birthday surprise of my life. My mother had told me that since it was lockdown we would not go out anywhere so basically we would spend this birthday at home. But it wasn’t the case. I woke up on my birthday and saw the whole house decorated. Dad said that this was so that I felt happy at home. I had my breakfast and was playing with my gifts which my parents had bought me when I heard the doorbell. Mum told me to go and get ready as some relatives had come to wish me.

I went into my room to change and when I came into the living room I found all my friends were waiting. I was so delighted to see each of them. It was the surprise of my life. Everyone had even brought me gifts which were kept on the table. After that we cut the cake and everyone sang “Happy Birthday” for me. This was followed by lunch and some lovely snacks which mum had prepared.

I will be writing back soon to keep you updated on some of the wonderful gifts I have received. Till then bye.


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