Write a short essay on 'Gratitude is Great.'

Updated on : 2022-09-05
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'Gratitude is Great'
Gratitude is a feeling that makes one great. In fact, it is the highest form of evolution of a man's mind. Only sages and saints live in a perennial attitude of gratitude. Ordinary men and women's minds are cluttered with desires for carnal pleasures, but great people always feel gratitude to God, Universe, and almost everything.  
Enlightenment is the journey from ordinary thoughts to the thoughts of gratitude. As one gains experience and wisdom, one realizes one must be grateful to life and its Source. Gratitude is helpful at all levels.  
If one has to rise in any sphere it is possible only through gratitude. A student must adopt the attitude of gratitude to his/her teachers in order to gain the best of education from them. If a sportsperson or sportswoman has to be at the top in his/her sports, he must be grateful to his/her coach or trainer. If one has to enjoy the best of relationships, then it is possible through gratitude to one another only.  
Hence, all of us must adopt the attitude of gratitude to excel in material as well as spiritual life. Gratitude will make you great. Be grateful for each and everything, moment, relationship, and blessing in your life.  Be grateful to your parents, teachers, God, and life in general.

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