Write a short note on manufacturing a non-farming activity in village Palampur.

Updated on : 2022-09-05
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The non-farm activities of Palampur are dairy, small scale manufacturing and transport. Nearly 25% of the people engaged in non-farm activities. 

Non-farm activities are as follows:

  • Dairy is the main non-farming activity of the people of Palampur. People have domesticated cows and buffaloes. The milk is sold to the people of Raiganj.
  • Some people are also engaged in small manufacturing units like spinning, weaving, leather making etc. Labourers are generally not hired for small manufacturing units.
  • Many shopkeepers have set up their own shops selling stationery items, toothpaste, candles etc. in the village. They buy various goods from the wholesalers in the towns.
  • Many people of the village of Palampur are also engaged in driving tractors, jeeps, bullock carts, rickshaws and trucks. They mostly transport goods from one place to another.

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