Write a short note on the Deccan Plateau.

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The Deccan Plateau is one of the broad divisions of the Peninsular Plateau. The Deccan Plateau is a triangular landmass that lies to the south of the river Narmada. 
The Satpura range flanks its broad base in the north while the Mahadev, the Kaimur hills and the Maikal range form its eastern extensions. 
The Deccan Plateau is higher in the west and slopes gently eastwardsan extension of the plateau is also visible in the northeast - locally known as the Meghalaya, 
Karbi Anglong Plateau and North Cachar Hills. It is separated by a fault from the Chhotanagpur Plateau. 
Three prominent hill ranges from the west to east are the Garo, the Khasi and the Jaintia hills. 
The Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats mark the western and the eastern edges of the Deccan Plateau respectively.

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