Write an article on "Television as a Means of Education" in 100 words.

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The latest, popular craze for efficiency and perfection in education has encouraged the planners to use the T.V. for classroom teaching. They claim that it makes learning more effective and interesting. It is also being used for taking education into the far-flung areas of the country.

The results are far more encouraging than the original expectations. Its use has reduced the learners’ dependence on the teacher and has filled the classroom with excitement and interest.

It can be correctly said that the invention of television has revolutionized the information technology. We are now able to see distant objects and incidents, while sitting at home. Such is the power of the television that many a time an incident happening in any part of the globe is seen directly by millions of viewers instantaneously.
It enlivens the dullness of a classroom. Students can see for themselves many scientific principles that govern nature. Live examples on the screen simplify the complex nature of definitions. Television takes us to different countries and shows us various civilizations and people. Children become familiar with different cultures and rituals.

Television lessons are found to be having a positive impact on students who are not interested in studies and often play truant. It has been proved that the number of students increases if television is used as a medium of instruction by the school authorities.

We can thus say that the use of television for education has revolutionized the very concept of teaching. Television lessons make the students more attentive, observant and interactive.

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