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Write an essay on efforts for conservation of biodiversity. 



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Many efforts are on to save endangered species, at local, national and international levels.
 International Efforts:
The United Nations constituted International Union for Conservation of Nature in 1968. This organization studied different species of plants and animals for four years and came with a book named 'Red Data Book'. A comprehensive list of endangered species, their habitat and their current population was included in this book.
IUCN organized the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in . In this convention, the participant countries gave their consensus on controlling the trade of endangered species. The earth summit held in at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil resulted in Convention on Biodiversity (CBD). The CBD is now accepted by countries. These countries have expressed their commitment towards conservation of biodiversity. 
National Efforts: India is one of the signatories to Convention on Biodiversity (CBD). In context of this, the Union Government enacted the Biodiversity Act 2002. This act has three main goals which are as follows: 
Conservation of biodiversity
Sustainable use of biodiversity
Equitable distribution of bio-resources to ensure their reach to maximum number of people. 

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