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Write an essay:Anchoring Script For Annual Function



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Anchor 1 – Good morning everyone, it is my honor to welcome you all on this day where we will be celebrating our school’s / college’s achievements. I Sunil along with my smart co-host Jiya welcome you all on behalf of <Your school name> family. We are truly blessed with your presence.

Anchor 2 -Please have a big round of applaud for our chief guest Mr. Srujit Sharma, who is a state education minister; he has done tremendous work in the field of education. He represented India in South Asian Education Summit. Along with him please welcome our very own principal madam Mrs. Sharmila Shashtri.

Lamp Lightning Ceremony on Annual Day

Anchor 1 -I would like to welcome our chief guest Mr. Sharma and the principal madam on stage for lamp lighting. Dear Sir and Madam please grace us with your presence on the podium.

While guest lighting the lamps>

Anchor 2 -With this lamp lighting we like to thank the goddess of knowledge for blessing us. We hope she blesses us with more and more success in school and further in life.

<Lamp lighting ceremony finished>

Chief Guest Speech for Annual Day

<Now ask your chief guest to speak few words on your school annual day and his experiences>

Ganesh Vandana

< A lot of schools start the event with Ganesh Vandana / Prayer>

Now I would like to welcome our singing group who will be performing Ganesh Vandana. Please welcome them.

<Ganesh Vandana Ends, now it’s time to present a school or college annual report. Most of the time principal or department HOD will present the annual report>

Now, I would like to request our principal madam to present <your school name> annual report.

Principal’s Annual Day Report Speech

Dance Performance

Anchor 1 – Now please welcome “Sanskriti Dance Group” on stage. They are a group of 10 members of classes 8 and 9 showing us their dance skills in this indo-western fusion form. Please…. Welcome ……… them… with a big round of applauds.

Song performance

Anchor 2 -After that breath-taking dance performance let us soothe our ears with the mesmerizing voice of Priyanka who will be singing one of the best of great Lataji Mangeshkar. She hasn’t told us the song. She wanted to keep it as a surprise. Please welcome Priyanka on Stage.

<Like this present other performance >

Vote of Thanks

With this last performance, we are concluding the Annual day function. We would like to thank you all again for your gracious presence. Your presence made this day for us.

Kindly note that we have arranged the snack and tea for guests and teachers in the staff room. For students, snack arrangement is done at the canteen. Please maintain disciple in the canteen.

With this, we are concluding the <School name> annual day function.

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