Write the similarities of hydrogen with halogens.



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There are following similarities of hydrogen halogens:
(i) Electronic Configuration:
Electronic configuration of hydrogen
general electronic configuration of halogens
i.e. Hydrogen requires one electron to attain noble gas configuration. Similarly halogens also require one electrons to attain noble gas configuration.
(ii) Electronegative Nature: Hydrogen has tendency to attract electrons like halogens.
e.e., (hydride ion)Β Β 
(chlorine ion)
(ii) Oxidation number: In addition to oxidation state of hydrogen shows oxidation state of like halogens in some of its compounds
e.g., (Oxidation state of )
(Oxidation state of )
(iv) Valency : Valency of hydrogen is like halogens.
(v) Reaction with metals: hydrogen combine with metals to form binary compounds similar to halogens.
(vi) Atomicity Hydrogen exists in diatiomic form like halogens (e.g., )

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