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You are the Editor of your school magazine. Draft a notice for your school students and staff members inviting articles, sketches, etc for your school magazine. Sign as PQR of Govt. S. S. School, Sitapur.



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Govt. S. S.  SCHOOL, Sitapur


                                       School Magazine is all yours

This is to inform the students of all the grades that they can fill their school magazine with their own creativeness. They can write articles and poems, design short jokes or sketches to make the magazine very interesting. Best will be selected by the team of cultural activities and will be printed in the school magazine with you name and class written.

Students who are interested are requested to give their creative works to their respective class teachers by 2/08/2019. Students can also take help from the art teachers for creative ideas. Looking forward for a lot of entries.

Secretary, Cultural activities

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