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Almost all of us have been ardent comic readers all through our childhoods. Reading comics tucked between text books while a lecture is on, bundling under a blanket with your favourite pick, and swapping or collecting limited editions is something we all admit to doing. The stupendous graphics in the novels thrilled its readers as they gaped for more. From Alan Moore’s Watchmen to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Walking Dead series, these comics appealed to anyone and everyone .These cult classics kept readers spellbound with its narrative and illustrations. Below is a list, in no particular order, of 10 English comics everyone should read. Check out the catalogue to see if you have missed out on any of these spine chilling books.

  1. Animal Man by Grant Morrison

A fan of DC Comics would recognise the character that could become powerful by acquiring qualities of a closeby animal. This turned him into a mysterious and clever superhero that goes through incessant violence. The book makes you feel the agony and retaliation of this fictional superhero for real. The book feeds your mind a lot about human behaviour.

  1. The Red Star by Christian Gossett

It is an exceptional comic which tells the complete story in one edition instead of splitting the adventure into volumes. It is a must read for those who want to realize the whole narration in a single book.

  1. Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

Though multiple issues of the comic had been published but Walking Dead no.48 is specifically an issue to watch out for. The black and white monthly Image comic describes the life of survivors and what they go through when some of them start turning into zombies. The comic will make you cringe and cry at the intense drama that unfolds in the course.

  1. Hellboy by Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo

A phenomenal series from Dark Horse Comics, it is one of the most captivating books of all time. The book manages to attract kids as well as adolescents with its gripping story and graphics.

  1. Sandman by Neil Gaiman

Sandman is a remarkable story from an acclaimed author of comic series. There is no way you would want to put it down before you have read the whole of it. The author uses gripping storyline to trace the course of adventures.

  1. Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis

This otherwise witty comic has some portions that bleed your heart. Read it must, for comics aren’t all fun every time. The book contains some beautifully scripted anecdotes that will sweep you off your feet.

  1. Fables by Bill Willingham

The book from Vertigo (DC) is a must read before you bid adieu to the world. It is adjudged as one of the most impressive and influential books of the comics’ era. If you are a true comic buff, you would not miss it.

  1. Watchmen- Alan Moore

The novel has revolutionised the literature world with its fascinating graphics and even greater story. The author has time and again written engaging comics that are still loved by one and all.

  1. The Eternals by Jack Kirby

An outstanding read from Marvel comics describing the aftermath once gigantic primeval Gods come down on Earth. The action filled war between Hulk who possess celestial powers and the Gods makes it a nail biting saga. The shadow work used by the author makes you reminisce about the biomorphic circuitry.

       10. Miracleman by Alan Moore

The author transforms an ordinary protagonist in to a passionate yet frightening and shady character. What unfolds next is totally awe inspiring and you must read to know it.

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