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Myths about the internet are nothing but a tiny sampling of ridiculous folklore that has been known to humans for the past few decades. These are myths that are hardly believed by people. But what is that specific factor about the internet that transforms it into a fertile ground for elaborate jokes, urban legends and goofy hoaxes? There are people who are taken in by several harmful and innocuous distractions or myths about the internet. The reason behind this being the fact that people are simply awed by the changes that the internet has made.

The Internet was invented by Al Gore

During an interview with Wolf Blitzer, anchor for CNN, Al Gore mentioned that he took the initiative of creating the internet. Though this statement was completely disowned by his loyal defenders, it is believed by many that Al Gore really invented the internet.

Your Move in being Tracked by your ISP

Your ISP serves as the local link to the worldwide computer network called the internet. ISPs have the power of scanning and saving the information or data flowing through an individual’s system. However, it might be very difficult and expensive for ISPs to save customer data and it is even against privacy rights.

Everything on the Internet is True

There are a lot of people who are of the strong belief that every information on the internet is true. However, this is not the reality. You can never trust the genuineity of any information without having strong evidence to prove the truth about the information.

Internet Makes People Rich

It is true that many lucky entrepreneurs and visionaries have cashed in huge amounts through the internet but it is always a risk to think of earning money by using the internet.

Security Programs are not required for Safe Location on the Internet

You are wrong if you think that you do not require security programs for safe locations on the internet. There are numerous vulnerability checks and malware attacks that go invisible and thus it is important to use security programs when browsing the internet.

Complex and Strong Passwords are Best for Surfing the Internet

Surfing the internet is not safe with the use of complex and strong passwords. What you need in combination with this is a large security scheme that works for non-traditional and classical vector attacks.

Internet Security is an Expensive Deal

This is true but making use of a specially designed and programmed software for protecting you against data stealing and financial theft will always work wonders.

10 Mbps Connection means one can browse at this speed

This is false because the maximum speed of internet connection is governed by contention delays, TCP window size and minimum bandwidth.

Internet Speed is Consistent

The overall performance of the browser is dictated by the distance between destination and client computer which can always take a toll on internet speed.

The Internet was developed for Military Use

This is a myth associated with the internet since its inception. It was only after the invention of internet that it began to be used in the military.

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