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Human body underwent several evolutionary modifications that eventually led to more complex and efficient organ systems. In due course of time, some organs became redundant. So, here is sneak peek into the top 10 organs that humans can live without –

  1. Appendix- It is a thin muscular tube attached to the large intestine that helped in digestion of cellulose rich vegetable diet of ancient man but has lost usefulness over time.
  2. The third eyelid or Plica Semilunaris- It is a part present at the corner of the eyes that is thought to induce sleep. Apart from the crusty stuff in our eyes that we notice on waking up, this organ is not of much use.
  3. Arrector Pili- The minute muscular fibers present at the base of hair follicles that makes hair stand up and cause goose bumps. Although not useful in humans they still are quite useful in animals as it provides insulation.
  4. The tailbone or the Coccyx- Formed from fusion of last five vertebrae, coccyx is remnant of the tail present in our primitive ancestors. It attaches ligaments and muscles and also bears weight of the body but they are much more useful in mammals with functional tails.
  5. Tonsils- Apart from getting inflamed during a throat infection these lymphoid tissues serve no other purpose. Swollen and painful tonsils have to be surgically removed in case of acute infections.
  6. Sinus- These air filled sacs near eyes and nose is known to influence voice quality but they are famous for infections more than anything.
  7. Wisdom teeth- These teeth present at the back of the mouth helped medieval man to chew raw meat properly. Humans have very different eating habits today and thus, most people do not get them at all now-a-days and those who still bear them have to get them removed because of an unbearable pain caused by them.
  8. Adenoids- It is a mass of lymphoid tissue present at the base of the nose that traps infection causing bacteria from the inhaled air. Though an important part of immune system in children, adenoids shrink as we grow older and hence become useless.
  9. Nipples in men- Since men do not breastfeed this organ is of no use in them.
  10. Gall Bladder- Though it helps in digestion, stones in gall bladder make it a totally avoidable organ. People often need to be treated surgically of gall stones.

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