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So summers are here and your classes have ended and you are thinking how to make the most out of your holidays? The first few days would be fun and exciting as you will have a lot of things to do like play your favorite video game, read books, meet up with friends and family. However, boredom would set in soon. Use your holidays to learn new skills that would help you in the future and would help you to grow as a person as well.

Here is the list of 10 things that you can learn during this summer:

Art Forms

Are you amongst those who have always loved music, dance or may be theatre? Then this is the right time to invest sometime in your favorite art form. There are many people who dreamed of becoming writers or learning martial arts but could never really convince their parents about taking these art forms seriously. Summer is the perfect time to get yourself enrolled in your favorite short courses and learn what you have always wanted.

Animation and Design

This is something that can you can learn yourself. Nobody is asking you to master yourself but the basics can be learnt online. 3D, Maya are what you should learn and if you are serious, you can also enroll yourself in any of the institutions to learn these professionally.


Ok…so you think it’s a girl thing? You are completely mistaken as think about the famous chefs in the world. Most of them are men. And if you love cooking, then there is nothing that you need to think about. Food is something we all love and there is no harm in learning to cook. Join a baking class or anything else that you are fond of. You can also learn how to make chocolates at home and even sell them and make some quick money. Make sure to surprise your family with breakfast or dinner one fine day, this summer.


If you are fond of taking pictures, then this one thing that you surely can try out. You do not need to buy an expensive DSLR for that, though there is no harm if you can afford one. You need to be serious about this as photography is something that everybody cannot learn no matter how much they try. It is all in the mind but if you are really fond of, extra effort from your side can make you learn this art. A single summer is not enough but you surely can learn the basic and then all that you need to do is practice.

You can earn some pocket money this way as well.


You possibly know how to paint but how about doing it on the canvas? This is strictly for people who enjoy painting and know how to do it.

Photoshop and Corel Draw

This software is yet another thing that you can learn. This would help you in the long run if you are planning to join an industry related to photography or graphic design. You can join an institution to get certified as well.

A new language

Learn a new language and that can be anything like Spanish, German, and French. It would be an amazing experience.


Join a yoga class or your nearest gym. Learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay fit.


Editing software allow you edit videos on the computer. This is yet another thing that you can learn.


Search engine optimization and digital marketing is what drives the world today and would continue to do so in the future as well. Learn what is to secure your future.

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