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Cracking IIT JEE mains is about hard work and persistence but it is also important to have some tricks and tips up your sleeves. For example: Efficiency is most important – if you don’t make silly mistakes, you will prevent yourself from losing 10-15 easy marks. We bring you more tricks to crack JEE Main to help you prepare better.

Tips and Tricks to crack JEE Main:

Starting early is the key to success, here is a list of tricks to crack JEE Main:

1. Dedicated study plan: Devise a strategy for JEE Main and stick to it thoroughly so that each topic gets sufficient practice and revision.

2. Maximize speed: As a JEE Main aspirant it is important to develop a good speed so try to solve at least 70-80 numerical every day.

3. Time to clear doubts: If you stumble upon a concept and can’t figure the way out, it is best to take help from your mentors or co-JEE Main aspirants. This will not only help you with the concept but also inform you of any flaws in your study pattern.

4. Aim for JEE Advanced: It is best to aim for JEE Advanced and not just limit your preparations to JEE Main. As the syllabus for both the exams is almost  same, studying to clear JEE Advanced will help you cover most of the JEE Main syllabus in depth.

5. Balance between coaching and self-study: If coaching takes up 3-4 hours each day then put aside at least 2-3 hours for self study too. This balance is necessary to revise/ practice concepts and prepare for the next class.

6. Practice makes you perfect: Once you have understood the concept, go for solving question banks and test series. This is the best way to know the trend of questions to be expected at JEE Main. There is no way you can crack JEE by just memorizing concepts if you do not know how to apply them.

7. Paper solving strategy: You need to identify what strategy works best for you to solve the JEE Main. For instance, during mocks, if solving toughest questions first, then less difficult and keeping the easiest for the last works for you then go ahead with it, otherwise find what method helps you get accurate results in shortest time.

8. Passionate about becoming an IITian: If IIT is your goal then keep your enthusiasm up by considering your studies as the most satisfying and content hours of the day.

9. Quality time for studies: Irrespective of number of hours you study, give it your 100 percent. A half-baked preparation will never work out, so study smart instead of prolonging the hours you sit in front of the books.

10. Refresh button: Relax and take breaks during your hectic study timetable. Use this time to rejuvenate yourself, watch a movie, listen to some songs, or play a sport. This will help you to stay focused and feel fresh.

Apart from these tips, it is important to keep practicing test papers. It will teach you how to approach JEE mains question paper.

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