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Those nostalgic years of schooling are sufficient enough to shape the next sixty years of your life, they say. Well indeed. Children are completely influenced by the lessons, teachings, and knowledge garnered during the unforgettable school life.

Every chapter, subject, and standard play a vital role in building a successful individual. While every standard has its own unique importance in one’s life; ever thought why the 10th standard is extra special? Class 10th is undoubtedly one of the most relevant standards of formal education. It’s that time of life when one undergoes turbulent hormonal and psychological changes, thereby marking the onset of adulthood. Students tend to become more mature and stable. The most distinguishing feature of class 10 board exams is that they are the first nationalised external exam for school goers. Hence, the 10th board results are pretty much the hugest thing that happen to a kid of that age. The thought of taking the board exams gives students nightmares. They are as much scared of board exams as they are kicked about their 16th birthday. However, in the end, it’s always sheer hard work that pays off in life. Let me get to the crux of the matter now.

Why Are the 10th Board Results Important?

The 10th board results act as a deciding factor during the admission process. They also form an important part of resume and act as an indicator of a student’s academic performance. Many prestigious colleges and universities assign separate points to class 10th marks and heavily rely on them while granting admission to the students. Hence, class 10 is a career shaper, a game changer. Students study all the subjects thoroughly and try to figure out their interests. Based on that and their performance in exams, they decide which stream to opt for. This is how class 10th helps students in the decision-making process.

Taking the class 10 board exams is also an excellent litmus test that gives you a clear indication of where you stand as compared to not just your 29 classmates but class 10 students across India. Since boards are conducted at a national level, a not-so-good performance in class 10 boards will come across as a wake-up call for you to perform better.

Also, once you’ve successfully faced and conquered the class 10 board exams, you’ll find your fear of facing tougher, bigger exams fading away. You will learn how to manage time, multitask and give your best under pressure situations.

And what’s the best part? Once you step out of your comfort zone of taking the exams at a different centre, taking a paper made by some other teacher and being evaluated by teachers who are not from your school, you can assess yourself better. By being in an unforeseen situation and coming out triumphant gives you the confidence to do things.

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Why 10th Board Results Aren’t the End of the World

Let me ask you a simple question: Do dreams, goals, adventures and even friends require a mark sheet? Of course, not. With the 10th examinations around the bend, we’re guessing there are a lot of students fighting off nervousness and anxiety. Thanks to the extreme hype about board exams, in the wake of poor performances, several youngsters sink into depression and even harbor suicidal tendencies. Poor grades that do not allow for the preferred career choice become too heavy a burden, and children cave to pressure.

What if you don’t get the desired marks? What if your parents are expecting more of you? What if the grades obtained are insufficient when it comes to your preferred choice of further education? It’s time you get rid of these dilemmas. A three-hour examination cannot judge your potential. Do you want to know one more bitter truth? Let’s assume your dream destination is IIT. It has nothing to do with your class 10th marks.;-)

Your class 10th percentage/CGPA is in no way a measure of your ability to understand things. It simply reflects your ability to memorize the things. So, you must not feel superior about being a 10 pointer or scoring a 95%. You must immediately forget your class 10th percentage, which you might be taking as your biggest achievement in life till now. Maybe society will think of you as a topper if you scored a 10 CGPA or a 95%. But soon you will realize that all this is a material pleasure (Moh – maya as you call in Hindi). I have seen people with a low percentage in class 10th clearing JEE with flying colours and I have also seen people who had good percentage in class 10th but could not do well in JEE.

Many people who didn’t do great in school have been successful in diverse walks of life through hard work and discipline. And many people who did great in school ended up being mediocre in their professional life. So, nothing is permanent.

In a nutshell, 10th boards result are important in life but they are not your life.

Follow your heart. Study regularly. Take it easy. No academic exam has the power to end your opportunities. The only thing to be careful about: Don’t use “10th-grade results don’t matter” as a shield from doing the necessary work, developing the discipline required for studying, etc. Any percentage you get through honest efforts is fine.

And 10th board results is as important as the stream you choose later. So, make a thoughtful decision about that. 🙂

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