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In a country where millions of students register for each entrance exams every year, and each of them putting their heart, soul and sweat into preparation for as long as three to four years, competition sure takes a toll on them. In a race like this, aspirants often look up to previous top 100 All India Ranked students for inspiration. This article brings to you 20 habits of toppers to advice you for the right way to prepare for your entrance exam. Read on!

20 Habits Of Toppers You Should Inculcate:

Start beforehand:
The first key to a topper’s success is early preparation. An early head-start gives a complete edge to a topper and his preparation. Although it is never too late to start, try to be as early a runner in the race as possible.

It has aptly been said that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Always keep in mind the topics to be studied in various subjects and at the end of your daily study, make a mental note whether you fulfilled the goals of the day. After that, find out the reasons for any deviation and take remedial measures for any distraction or diversion. 

Time Management:
Have a clear picture of the time regarding month, week, days and hours. Keep a track of all your activities that you perform from the time you get up till you go to sleep. This will help you avoid the unproductive activities and balance the schedule of your studies. You can bring about certain adjustments in your habits and behavior also. While maintaining a study schedule of 12 to 14 hours a day, you need to give importance to the quality of your study.

It is only through self-discipline can one guarantee a good result. No one but you yourself can train to push your boundaries. Putting yourself through a fixed schedule everyday and abiding by it can be tricky and monotonous but that is the sole way. You must discipline yourself to the level that you follow the remaining habits mentioned in this article!

Believe it or not, attending all the classes (be it online or coaching tuition, whichever you prefer) becomes a must. You simply cannot do away with skipping lectures of chapters which seem insignificant to you. Any chapter must not be treated lightly, for they will be the reason for your future troubles.

Smart reading material:
This mantra is always found in the habits of toppers. Reading more material only makes you more confused about concepts. Consult proper guides to make sure you are reading limited but quality material which will help build a strong conceptual base.

Clear doubts:
The key to building concepts is clearing doubts. Firstly, if doubts don’t arise in your method of study, you are not doing it right. Indulge into the concepts and try to understand the methodology. The more you dive in, the more doubts you have. But don’t let them pass away. Make sure to jot them down and do away with them once you have cleared them with your teacher.

Understand more, memorize less:
Apart from mugging up equations and formulas, all of the concepts do not demand from you your memory. Memorizing concepts and problem solving methods will not take you a long way. Since the questions are not repeated every year, you cannot move ahead by memorizing solutions to specific problems. Do it the topper way and understand more than you memorize.

Right guidance:
Self-study is a must, but a good coaching center has its own advantages. Different experienced faculties of the coaching center can guide you in various subjects and at the same time can clarify your doubts. Not only that, coaching centres also provide you with classmates. You can also interact with your classmates and seniors.

Testing your preparation regularly:
The process of self improvement can only be achieved through regular self analysis. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals for yourself and analyse whether you met those goals or not. Nobody is born a topper with an AIR 1, but it is only through constantly increasing graph of self-improvement that a student achieves this goal.

Exam simulation:
This is a very important factor in a topper’s preparation. However outstanding be your preparation, you cannot excel in an exam if you are not used to sitting for an exam for say 3 continuous hours and adjusting your accuracy and problem solving speed such that you can finish the paper on time. This is also achieved through the following point.

Regular test series:
Not only does solving test series help you in exam simulation, but also present you with a complete analysis of your current preparation. Every test series helps you realize the loopholes in your preparation and concepts.

Avoid being nervous:
Confidence is the shield you have to build for yourself. Being nervous and frantic regarding the results even before you have written the exam is sheer foolishness and has never helped improve performance. Of course a small amount of it is beneficial in pushing you to perform better but know when to control it.

Sample/Previous years’ papers:
The key to cracking an exam is understanding its pattern and regular question types. Most of the entrance exams do not change the standard of their questions and the question paper pattern. Many hardly even change most of their questions.

Occasional group study:
Always be in touch with your peers. No lone wolf has ever won the cup. Staying social helps you learn each other’s doubts and solve them, strengthening your concepts. Believe me, an enriching conversation with your friends on a concept can expand your horizon.

Constant revision:
Revision term is always wrongly associated with last minute preparation. Revision is not only supposed to be done when the exams are next door but throughout the time of preparation. Concepts are easy to be forgotten especially if you don’t put them to use daily. One of the habits of toppers you’d do well to inculcate ASAP.

Last months’ preparation:
The final months’ preparation is all that counts. You need to analyse where you stand in your preparation race, and make a final four or three month plan to sum up your preparation well.

Believe in yourself:
Working hard is important, but the true soul of a topper’s preparation is his belief in himself. This is one of the best habits of toppers. Have the confidence to tell yourself that you have what it takes and can crack the exam with a good score, everyday. Such self motivation is always a mood booster and will help you get through the storm.

Treat yourself occasionally:
After heavy weeks of study, don’t refrain from enjoying yourself at the movies or a party, however keep a check. All work and no play will only lead to a monotonous study which will eventually end up in losing interest in the subject which is highly undesirable.

Body health:
Take restricted but nutritious diet and keep the negative thoughts away from your mind. Avoid losing sleep and do not disturb your sleep pattern. Practice meditation and breathing exercise for increasing your concentration. Probably the most important among the habits of toppers!

Work hard and you will get golden results.

Read on here, to know more about the habits of toppers and bridge the gap between you and them.

All the best!

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