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Note writing is an art, and a skill that is very useful for students as well as professionals in their careers. It is essential to master the note writing skill because it helps individuals remember important information. Note writing is an individual practice that varies from person to person.

Be it for any meetings, important seminars or lectures, notes are essential for effective learning and recalling of concepts. Today, in this article we will share the 5 best techniques for taking notes.

Organize and outline your notes well

Organizing your notes and outlining them well is very essential. The basic idea of making notes is to keep them short and simple, but at the same time they should be effective enough to trigger your memory when you go through them again. People are often reluctant to go back to the notes if they are disorganized and difficult to read. Hence, it is very important that the notes written are well organized and formatted well.

Make your notes visually appealing

While making notes, use notation symbols like arrows and circles to make short pointers. This will make the notes easily to read. Also, make sure you use colour codes for your notes. This will make the notes visually appealing and interesting to read.

Use a short hand method for writing the notes

If you feel a speaker is speaking very fast, try using the shorthand technique to quickly note down the information. In this way, you will not fall behind while making notes. Short hand method will help you double your speed in note writing and increase the overall efficiency as well. Also if you still feel you are not able to match the speed of the speaker, then do a voice recording of the speaker. By doing this you will be able to fill in the gaps in your notes.

Always start a new topic on a fresh page

It becomes very easy for an individual to read and refer to the notes, if they start writing every new topic on a fresh page. This makes the notes look very organized and neat. Also, such a practice can assist in quick recall of the notes, especially if an individual is looking for a certain topic in particular.

Ensure that the writing is clean, legible and focuses on key words

Writing notes becomes a complete waste of time if you are unable to read the notes at a later stage. Always make sure that you write the notes neatly and clearly by focusing on the important words and concepts. This makes the reading of notes easy.

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