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What is the Bulletin Board?

Growing up one of the most fascinating things at school was the bulletin board. Everyone remembers how they used to be decorated for special occasions. In addition, they were also quite informative. Bulletin boards are used for several purposes. They ensure students are informed about the important events at school. In this article, we will learn about types of bulletin boards and bulletin board ideas for teachers.

bulletin board ideas

Bulletin boards are where we present notices. This is done to convey information to people about a particular thing. These boards are hung on a wall. Similarly, they add an aesthetic sense to the classroom.

It allows students to explore their creativity. Making bulletin boards also give the students a break. Moreover, it also serves as a great recreational activity.

Types of Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards ideas serve different purposes. They can be made differently depending on the subject. We divide bulletin boards into four major types-

1] Aesthetic Boards

These types of boards compel the student to think about the subject. They visually appeal to the class. In other words, this helps in a better understanding of the topic.

2] Informative Boards-

Such boards offer students important information. The matter is usually limited. Thus, it only enlists the details enough to direct students.

3] Sharing Boards-

Sharing boards encourage a positive class culture. Students share their work and thoughts on these boards. They encompass everyone and make students feel like they belong.

4] Interactive Boards-

As the name suggests, these boards encourage students to partake in class activities. They contain matter which the students fill up. Meanwhile, they also answer queries.

5 Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

While creating a bulletin board, it is important to keep certain things in mind. One should follow the dos and don’ts thoroughly for an effective bulletin board. Always remember to place them in a noticeable place.

Most importantly, somewhere it is most likely to get attention. Keeping it minimal is the key. If a board has too much going on, it defeats its purpose. In short, making it readable should be the top priority. You can get some bulletin board ideas for teachers from below:

1. Information

One of the first bulletin board ideas is – Use large fonts to convey information to students. When you want to notify the students of the time table, school events, holidays and more, use black and white. Keeping it simple makes it look more formal.

This way student does not wander from the topic. The notice etches in their mind for a long time through this.

2. Course

Putting up things from the syllabus is super helpful. Bulletin boards help you do it easily. Try to incorporate the main headings in your bulletin board. Take important diagrams from the chapters and post them on it. This makes it easier for the student to remember their work. You can make use of charts, flow diagrams, and more.

3. Discipline

You can inhabit discipline through bulletin boards. Post the class rules and school rules on the board. With it being in sight constantly, students will be conditioned to them.

For instance, reminders like wearing the complete uniform can be posted. Similarly, other important rules must be always on display.

4. Reward

Rewarding students publically encourage them a lot. You can make use of bulletin boards to do so.

For instance, When you applaud one child, others will be inspired to do the same. This will create an appreciative atmosphere. Therefore, post the accomplishments of the students on the board.

5. Moral values

Inculcating good habits in children is done by showing. Use the bulletin boards to do the same. Post inspiring quotes which strive them to become better. Post about social issues like bullying so they never go down that path.

Those were the 5 Bulletin board ideas for teachers Follow Teacher Space for more such articles.

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